ScoringRx Features

ScoringRx Administration App

Custom Domain

With any type of subscription you get your own custom domain within ScoringRx space, for example "". Correspondingly, your members will get access to members' app by "". 


In order to setup your domain, please let us know what you'd like it to be, we'll need to do some magic real quick and let you know when it's ready - usually within one business day. Once your domain is ready, you will have access to it - we'll send you the credentials via email.


The administration app is protected by ScoringRx security - only authorized users will be able to login and see administration app. Every request made by the app for any data changes or retrieval is authorized.



Dashboard is the first page you get after login. It has recent events section where you can see your recent events and current team scores for that event (if any)



Members section allows admins to manage their members - add, edit, invite to join. A member is created inactive by an admin. Then an admin would invite members by click "Invite" button. The member will get a nice email asking them to join ScoringRx. Once member clicks and confirms their email, he/she would be all set to use the members app.

Admins can also resend member invitations in case someone forgets their passwords and asks for assistance. By the way, members app has "Forgot password" feature.





This section allows you to manage all your workouts. These are pretty simple - create your set of workouts and use them in any event.


Here you can see that you just need to enter the WOD name, some notes, and description. The checkboxes for requiring reps and/or time means that a member who's logging their score will be asked to log reps, or time, or both. ScoringRx will know how to apply these and place the competitors.


ScoringRx Member App

Custom Domain

As mentioned above in the administration app features - your members will get access to the members app by your box's custom domain, for example ""